01 Jun 2017

Getting Around Toronto

Toronto’s a great city, but it can be a challenge to navigate. Driving can be frustrating due to traffic and construction, but if you are driving, make sure you’re aware of the number one rule: don’t pass stopped streetcars at a stop. You’ll be honked at mercilessly. UBER and UBERPool operate in the city fairly well, and … Continue reading →Getting Around Toronto
01 Jun 2017

DVP Closure: Sunday, June 4th

For those driving in on Sunday, please note that the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) will be closed 02:00 – 14:00 for the Becel Ride for Heart (a charity bike ride). The DVP is a heavily used, express route downtown, so you may need to use some of the material roads. If you’re not using a … Continue reading →DVP Closure: Sunday, June 4th
01 Jun 2017

Toronto’s Fine Dining Scene

You’ve already seen that Toronto has some great cheap eats. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that it’s got some excellent higher priced options as well. I’ll cover some of the nearby fine dining hotspots, but if you’re looking for something not of this list, feel free to hit up your conference concierge … Continue reading →Toronto’s Fine Dining Scene
25 May 2017

CEEA2017 Group Rate for UP Express (Airport Train): $9

UP Express (Train from Airport to City): Union Pearson Express (UP Express) connects Canada’s two busiest transportation hubs: Toronto Pearson International Airport and Union Station in downtown Toronto. UP Express trains depart every 15 minutes and the journey takes just 25 minutes. First train departs Pearson Station at 05:27 and last train at 00:57.  The UP … Continue reading →CEEA2017 Group Rate for UP Express (Airport Train): $9
24 May 2017

Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats II

In another post, I outlined some of the many food options you have in nearby Kensington Market. This one will cover some of the other inexpensive, casual eateries located around town that are loved by many Toronto foodies. The Burger’s Priest, 436 Queen West, plus various other locations around town Trying to award the title “Best … Continue reading →Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats II
16 May 2017

Parking On-Site

For those driving to the conference, the most convenient parking location is the underground lot for the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. The entrance to this lot is at 213 Huron St. Rates are $4 / 30 mins, with a daily maximum of $20 a day M-F, $10 S-Su. The pay and display machines take coins and credit. Alternative lots … Continue reading →Parking On-Site
06 May 2017

Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats, Part I

In Downtown Toronto, you’ll have access to a wonderful range of food options from different cultures. One of the best aspects of Toronto’s food scene is that you don’t have to pay a lot to get good food (though we do have a lot of mid-to-high end restaurants that will be covered in a subsequent post)! … Continue reading →Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats, Part I
06 May 2017

Getting from the University of Toronto to Casa Loma

Update: We’ve rented several buses, leaving at the Bahen Centre at 5:20, 5:40, 6:00 and 6:20pm, largely in case of rain. Please meet at the front of the building. Unless it’s pouring, we will still lead walking groups up to Casa Loma, and you can still get there on your own. Casa Loma, the site of … Continue reading →Getting from the University of Toronto to Casa Loma
16 Apr 2017

A Jays game is a great way to enjoy Toronto!

Okay, so the Jays may not be having the best start to the season, but it’s early yet! Seeing a Jays game is a great way to enjoy the city, especially with a beer and hotdog in your hands. For those coming to the conference, there are home games scheduled for Saturday and Sunday before the … Continue reading →A Jays game is a great way to enjoy Toronto!
12 Jan 2017

Flying into Toronto: What should you know?

  Many attendees will be flying – either domestically or internationally. Toronto has two airports that serve the area: Pearson International (located just north of the city, near the 401) and Porter Airport (located downtown). Whichever airport you choose to fly into/out of, there are some things to consider: Time of Day: Toronto has two pretty … Continue reading →Flying into Toronto: What should you know?