15:30 - 17:00

Session H: Poster Session & Reception

Presenters, please read the Detailed Poster Session Layout and Instructions

Patricia Kristine Sheridan, Jillian Seniuk Cicek, Liz Kuley and Robyn Paul Characterizing the Engineering Education Graduate Student Experience in Canada: Survey Results
Thomas Zielke, Claudia Fussenecker and Matthias Neef Teaching Engineering Conferences
Locke Davenport Huyer, Genevieve Conant, Cindy V Bui, Ben G Kinsella, Andrea Vegh, Sherif Ramadan, Brittany Lauton, Andrey Shukalyuk and Dawn Kilkenny Discovery Program: integrating biomedical engineering graduate instructors with high school STEM curriculum
Margaret Gwyn Finding the GAPs: The Development of a Network for Graduate Attribute Professionals
Julia Smith and Thomas O’Neill Peer Feedback Over Time
Stephen Mattucci, Jim Sibley, Jonathan Nakane and Peter Ostafichuk A Model to Develop Peer Feedback Skills in First-year Engineering Students
Laura Patterson A Tale of Two Pedagogical Perspectives: A Literature Review of Writing Program Administration within Engineering Programs
Daniel Posen, Kelly Klima, Ines Azevedo, Steve Gradeck and Sabrina Larkin SUCCEED: Summer Center for Climate, Energy, and Environmental Decision Making
Brian Dick First-Year Core Engineering Curriculum for the BC Post-Secondary Sector
Greg Evans Grant Allen, Tim Bender and Will Cluett We Never Talk: Peer to Peer Observation and Formative Feedback as Steps to Evolving Academic Culture
Chirag Variawa , Darlee Gerrard and Kirstin Newfield First Year Engineering Workload at the University of Toronto

Saif Abid, David Almond, and Hamid S. Timorabadi

Structural Impediments to Learning: Investigating Learning Environment Inside the Bahen Centre 
Umaporn Supasitthimethee, Narongrit Waraporn, Kriengkrai Porkaew, and Nipon Charoenkitkarn Stakeholder Involvement in Teaching and Learning
P. Kanthamanon, W. Chutimaskul, V. Vanijja Classroom on Demand: Fast and Fresh Video Content Generator
Theeranuch Sirikojakorn, Jirayu Chamamahattana, Vajirasak Vanijja, Nipon Charoenkitkarn, and Jonathan H. Chan SIT Academy: Online Learning Using the MOOC Approach
Kanmanus Ongvisatepaiboon and Jonathan H. Chan A Framework for MOOC Content Generation
J. Christopher Bouwmeester, Vicki Komisar and Arushri Swarup Using a Multidisciplinary Team-Based Challenge to Promote Brainstorming and Prototyping of Medical Devices
Juan Abelló and Paul Labossière Introduction of an Active Learning Component through Research Reports in a Laboratory Course
Kimia Moozeh, Deborah Tihanyi and Greg Evans Perceptions of Undergraduate Engineering Students About the Learning Objectives of Undergraduate Laboratories
Mohamed Ismail An Excel Add-in for Grade Recording and Accreditation

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  • June 6, 2017
  • 15:30 - 17:00
  • BA Atrium