Peter Ostafichuk

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia

Session: Workshop R: Engineering Education Research

Peter Ostafichuk is a Professor of Teaching in Mechanical Engineering and the Chair of First Year Engineering at the University of British Columbia.  He is a 3M Teaching Fellow and was the lead developer and coordinator of the integrated Mech 2 Program in Mechanical Engineering.  Mech 2 has received the Alan Blizzard award for collaboration in teaching and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Curriculum Innovation Award, among others.  More recently, he has been revitalizing the first year curriculum and student experience at UBC to enhance the use of active and collaborative learning, technology, and best practices in higher education.  Dr. Ostafichuk is an advocate for Team-Based Learning – he has redesigned and taught many courses over the past decade using this approach, and has co-authored a book on the subject as well as delivered many workshops and presentations.