29 Mar 2017

Student Engineering Education Poster Competition

Showcase the work you have done to to improve Engineering Education to faculty and students from across Canada at the Student Poster Competition, and meet others interested in improving engineering education!

Description: A national bilingual Student Poster Competition organized for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their efforts to understand or improve their engineering education experiences and/or the engineering education experiences of the students at their university. Three bilingual judges will determine the first, second and third place winners.

Submission Process

  1. Students will submit a brief abstract of their work to the Student Activities committee by May 26th, 2017. Abstracts should discuss: the educational initiative or project, the context of the application, and any progress/findings to date or anticipated.
  2. Students will hear back as to whether their poster has been accepted to the conference.
  3. Students will submit a one-page briefing document describing the current state of their project and findings by email to Patricia Sheridan at patricia.sheridan@utoronto.ca by Friday June 2nd. The document will brief the judges on their work, its connection to engineering education, and its impact on future undergraduate engineering students’ educational experiences. If any testing of the work has been completed, description of the testing and results would be beneficial. Students should provide some background as to their interests and experience in engineering (University, Program, interests/clubs, etc.).
  4. Students will display a poster no larger than 3ft x 5ft (dimension) at the conference on Tuesday, June 6th. They are also welcome to display a model or simulation in addition (but not in lieu of) their poster. Students should be prepared to deliver a 5 minute presentation to the judges, and answer up to 10 minutes of questions.

Judging Criteria

Each submission will be assessed by a panel of bilingual judges for its:

  1. Novelty – is the project, or its application, new or different from existing educational strategies?
  2. Rigour – has the project been framed in the context of the literature and existing best practices?
  3. Connection to Education – is the connection to educational theories or graduate attributes explicit and appropriate?
  4. Testing – has the project been tested or evaluated? If so, what are the implications of the findings? If not, what are the anticipated findings, and why?
  5. Communication – is the work described clearly and relevantly in both oral and written formats?


  1. Work submitted to this competition cannot also be co-presented as a paper at CEEA17.
  2. All work and presentations can be done in either French or English.
  3. All submissions must demonstrate a clear educational component that the student can link in a meaningful and relevant way to education research and/or theories (i.e., Student Centred Instruction (SCI), engagement/motivation, etc.) or to the development of one (or more) of the CEAB graduate attributes.
  4. All documents should be submitted to Patricia Sheridan by email at patricia.sheridan@utoronto.ca.

Please direct any questions to Patricia Sheridan via email.