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06 Jan 2017

Special Symposia: Innovation and Engineering Leadership


At CEEA 2017, to be held at the University of Toronto June 4-7, we will hold a special symposium on Innovation and Engineering Leadership, co-chaired by Marnie Jamieson and Mike Klassen.

In this symposium, we will explore aspects of research and best practices at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and leadership with a focus on innovation education and practice. Contributions in the following areas are encouraged:

1. The Integration of Engineering Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship into Engineering Education Practice and Methods.

  • Creating an innovation ecosystem or a Community of practice
  • Creation, Disruption, Effectuation, and Design Thinking
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, or Creativity integrated into core engineering courses

2. Social Integration and Acceptance of Engineering Innovation:

  • Engineering Project Net Social Benefit and Social Licence to Operate
  • Fast Cycle Design – Innovation Process Management
  • Visionary Leadership – How does innovation impact leadership?

3. Engineering Innovation and Leadership Education Research (EER) and Methods:

  • How do we define and measure innovation and creativity?
  • How do we assess if we have taught it?
  • Research in the classroom vs. the workplace

Members of CEEA are invited to submit abstracts using the required format for CEEA paper proposals.

As part of the symposium, we hope to include a variety of session types including workshops, technical sessions, and poster sessions. We ask that all interested authors please contact Marnie Jamieson as soon as possible with a short description of the work you intend to describe in your paper to facilitate planning. Paper and workshop submission deadlines are as per conference deadlines.